Are you planning to relocate out of the country? Are you planning to relocate within the region? Looking for a cross border Move? Or even looking for an international move? Or even having been transferred to another country or territory? Sometimes you may just be caught offside such that you do not even sufficient papers for you to travel with your belongings and such that your lease agreement has expired, Packers and Movers Kenya will be there for you.


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Packers and Mover Kenya Limited appreciates the fact that relocating abroad is a major event for every individual. It requires thinking about person(s) individual travel and movement of their valuables to their respective new destination(s).

Relocating with Packers and Movers Kenya Limited ensures that you experience the most comfortable relocation you can think of. It starts when you contact us. We will visit your premises and engage you so as to understand your requirements, timelines and expectations on the relocation Packers and Movers Kenya Limited will provide you with details and the entire process of executing an international relocation. Then we will mail you a quotation based on your requirements, volumes of goods and sensitivity of the goods.

Once you accept our quote and engage us; you will take worries off your head and leave the rest with us. We will be happy if you request us to provide you with destination door to door delivery of your belongings thanks to our international partners.

Safety of your goods is our absolute concern; to protect your items, we will apply innovative packaging materials and unmatched packing methods taking into account weight, shape, pressure exerted, temperature, mode of transport, distance to be covered, time of voyage among others. Consideration on the use of the material will be with due regard to the respect of our planet; the Earth.

Lastly; Packers and Movers also owns a secure and well maintained storage facility. Should you require storage prior shifting / relocating, we will be willing to keep the for you in perfect condition as you organize to settle down in your intended destination. Please contact us

Packers and Movers Kenya Limited wishes to share with you the following guides on travellers and persons willing to relocate to Kenya and out of Kenya;

Returning Residents

This guide will address the following;

  1. What you are entitled to bring into Kenya duty free
  2. Conditions attached thereon

Packers and Movers Kenya Limited; one of the most reliable movers in Nairobi and Mombasa wishes to share with you the following guidelines as provided by acts governing taxation and customs in Kenya for those relocating to the country as returning residents;

You are entitled to duty free exemption on the following subject to conditions explained below;

  1. One motor vehicle (excluding buses and mini buses)
  2. Wearing apparel Personal and household effects

This is subject to the following conditions;

  • You must have resided outside Kenya for at least twelve (12) months.
  • The Vehicle must be a Right Hand Drive (see other requirements for bona fide residents changing residence from countries that use Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles below)
  • You must have personally owned and used the motor vehicle outside Kenya for at least twelve months.
  • The motor vehicle must not be older than 8 years.
  • The motor vehicle must be shipped within three years from the date of arrival in Kenya.
  • The motor vehicle must comply with the Kenya Bureau of Standards requirements of Legal Notice No. 78 of 15th July 2005; Verification of Conformity to Kenya Standards Imports Order, 2005 and KS1515:2000 Kenya Standard Code of Practice for Inspection of Road Vehicles.
  • You must have attained the age of eighteen years.
  • You must not have been granted a similar exemption previously.
  • Wearing apparel Personal and household effects may be exempted when imported as a baggage by a returning resident which were his/her for personal or household use in the returning resident former place of residence.
  • Wearing apparel Personal and household effects should be used otherwise will be subject to taxes; customs duty and VAT prevailing rates at 25% and 16% respectively.
  • All goods are subject to 1.5% railway development levy and a further processing fee of Kshs. 10,000 for Motor Vehicles.
  • Returning residents having duo citizenship must use Kenyan passport for the purposes of processing the exemption.

Returning Residents from Countries that use Left Hand Drive(LHD) Motor Vehicles

Kenyan Residents returning from a country that operates Left Hand Drive (LHD) motor vehicles who previously owned and used a Left Hand Drive (LHD) motor vehicles may be allowed to import a replacement Right Hand Drive (RHD) motor vehicle from any other source in the world subject to the same conditions as those from countries using Right Hand Drive (RHD) motor vehicle EXCEPT that the current retail selling price (CRSP) of the RHD replacement vehicle shall not exceed that of previously owned LHD vehicle.

Packers and Movers will be please to share more information on returning residents requirements so in case of any clarifications feel free to Contact us; so being one of the most reliable movers in Nairobi; Packers and Movers will not hesitate to refer you to their network of professionals handling actual clearance of goods via customs.

Please note that the Packers and Movers Kenya Limited has shared this information as provided for in the Customs, Taxation and Enforcement acts of other government agencies which may include but not limited; the Kenya Revenue Authority, the National Transport and Safety Authority, Legislation governing Immigration and diplomatic relations in Kenya, Kenya Police, Kenya Bureau of Standards among others for guidance purposes only. In no event will Packers and Movers be liable for any loss or damage, or any loss or damages whatsoever arising from the use, or reliance of this information including changes that may be effected by the government agencies that Packers and Movers relied upon to produce such information. The said agencies have a sole discretion to alter, change, delete or substitute any information or requirements in this guide without making any reference to Packers and Movers Kenya Limited. Packers and Movers Kenya Limited is not obliged to update any changes made on this information by any parties.

Packers and Movers Kenya Limited will not be liable to misuse or loss of use, of data, errors, omissions, misstatements or misrepresentations concerning (express or implied) any such information or loss of profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this guide.

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